Work From Home with Direct Selling

There are many products that can be sold from home including Avon which is now around 130 years old in its origin. Like all sell from home businesses there are mixed reviews and it really depends what you are looking for. Avon for many works incredibly well if you have the time and are willing to put the required effort in. There are start up costs of around £15 but these are usually deducted over two installments from your earnings, there is also a fee to pay for the brochures but again, this is something you initially pay for and then can make the money back through sales.  The more sales you obtain, you higher discount range you receive and this is how you make the money. Its really important to get a really good regular customer base with return sales. Avon for many is a very good way to earn money whilst they are not in employment and for some turns out to be a really great work from home opportunity and as long as you are prepared to put the work in, you will make a good return.   Another great selling Programme is Neal’s Yard Organic, the principle is the same as Avon but the start up costs may vary. There will be an initial start up amount to pay which may be in the region of around £95. This gives you a kit to get you started and is worth around £250.  They offer a great Continue reading Work From Home with Direct Selling

B2B Email Marketing: How to Tackle Negative Responses from customers?

B2B Email Marketing: How to Tackle Negative Responses from customers? No brand or a business wants to receive a negative response from their customers. As we are in the era where most of the consumers purchasing decisions based on what others say about product or business, a bad review could send your sales down. The real truth is, it doesn’t happen if you handle it carefully a negative review could actually lead to a positive result. Here are the few ways to tackle negative responses from the customers: Don’t React Immediately: When receiving any negative response from customers, it’s quite common to react immediately and your first instinct is to say: “No, this is not true” “you are wrong” or “it’s your fault“. However, no matter how negative the comment is, but try to solve it positively. Being calm and patience will help you to deal with the feedback better. If you feel riled up then take some time to calm down before going to the further steps. Understand From Customer Point of View: Whether it is a negative or positive feedback, but somewhere it happened from your side to react this way. You can easily choose to ignore the feedback, but you’ll never come to know about the reason that triggered the person. This means there is more possibility of this issue that may recur in the future. Try to answer some questions by yourself: What are the major key issues? Why the person is reacting in this way? Continue reading B2B Email Marketing: How to Tackle Negative Responses from customers?