Wealthy Affiliate is not just an ordinary make money online company or website. It’s a university, It’s like going to college to get a degree but here, it’s less boring, very convenient, you have instant access to training courses, support and coaching, tools and services, and most importantly, an awesome community of people striving for the same goal.   Wealthy Affiliate to me is the best interactive community of entrepreneurs helping each other make money online. You have many resources and people in this community that are always willing to help you, to answer any questions you might have.   It’s available 24/7, there’s always people online no matter what day and time it is. There’s no room for failure here in Wealthy Affiliate (WA), the only way you can fail is if you do “NOTHING”.   Training courses are step-by-step, starting from day 1 and it’s totally “FREE”. Good for beginners, and people who are new to the online business and wants to learn the right way.     PRO’S= $0 Membership. Yes, completely FREE to start! Clear Plan of Action Great training all levels–  from Beginner to Advanced Video training, Step-by-step Tutorials, and Courses 2 Free Easy-to-Build Websites (you will also learn what to do with these sites) Very helpful and outgoing community members 13 Full, Interactive Classrooms with tasks to complete Live & Interactive Help from owners and expert members State of the Art Hosting A strict spam free environment. No up-sells, ever. (except Premium, of course) Continue reading Why Should I Choose WEALTHY AFFILIATE?

Why Books Make Powerful Lead Magnets for Your Business

Are you looking for a way to stand out from your competitors? Consider writing a book! Imagine being a real estate agent, vying against hundreds of real estate agents in your local area. What if you were the one realtor with your own book – say, “Sell Your House in 48 Hours Flat.” Suddenly you would become the go-to agent, putting you miles ahead of your competition! Getting your book out of your head and onto paper The idea of writing a book for your business may sound intriguing, but how do you write one? Where do you find the time? What if you’re a terrible writer? What if I told you that in 30 to 60 days you could write a powerhouse book that positions you as a top authority in your field without writing a single word? You can – using these tips and resources, writing it will be easy: Scared to write? No problem –90minutebooks.com can write a book for you in just 90 minutes. They interview you, asking questions that draw out your knowledge and expertise, then they do the writing. They’ll even design your cover for you! You don’t have to write anything – you just need to know your stuff. Another option is to “talk” your book out by recording it on a conference line, then having it transcribed. This is a great choice if you’re more comfortable speaking than writing. Don’t have a publisher? Amazon’s CreateSpace makes it easy to self-publish your book. You can Continue reading Why Books Make Powerful Lead Magnets for Your Business