“PHYGITAL” customer experience

The success of business is mainly through the customers. Businesses consider customer experience as the key differentiator for satisfying the customers. “Phygital” has the power to transform customer experience positive.   You may be wondering what does Phygital mean? Let’s discuss about it now.   What is Phygital?   In simple terms, Phygital bridges physical & digital world and creates an network between the brands & customers.   Physical + Digital = Phygital   It has the ability to bring customers closer to the brands. This is a true definition for the digital revolution. It enables the brand to connect its digital presence into a real world experience. Hence they can make themselves tangible to the customers.   Phygital in E-commerce:-   Phygital gives the customers a wonderful physical and digital shopping experience by connecting the digital world with the physical world. Here the physical and digital boundaries are merged by the brands. It provides online and in-store personalized real time experience for the customers. Thus improve and facilitate customers shopping experience.   Retail businesses have made their business digital nowadays. In this situation, Phygital – making an interactive platform where the customers can see the products in a screen and order things will have a great effect.   The online shoppers can view the products as if they see the real products and enjoy real shopping experience. Even the products are intangible yet the customers get the feeling that they have seen the products directly. Customers will be able Continue reading “PHYGITAL” customer experience

How to be an entrepreneur

So you what to be an entrepreneur? Sincerely speaking i don’t think you can learn that anywhere instead you should concentrate on looking in wards in order to groom the kind of spirit and skill needed to succeed as an entrepreneur but if you’re looking for guideline then you are in the right place. Below are the fundamental qualities every entrepreneur should have or aspire to have. HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Basic qualities every entrepreneur should possess Entrepreneurship is a working progress You’ll also learn that being an entrepreneur deals more with personality and how you view life   While the possession of the entrepreneurial characteristics posted on this blog is very essential, the success of an enterprise demands that an entrepreneur should be the following: Acceptance of the venture:The entrepreneur’s effort for survival, continuity and growth demands that he accepts and accommodates the business as part of his system. He must prepare to give the business all that it takes, especially in the early stage of the business, bearing in mind that his success in life determines the role he plays in his family, community and the society at large. In order not to be a failure In life, wisdom demands that he give the business all his best. Total commitment to the enterprise:the entrepreneurship role demands total involvement and commitment of the entrepreneur to the business. For the success of the business, an entrepreneur can transfer authority but not the responsibility; As Ned Heizer said ‘’you can hire Continue reading How to be an entrepreneur